To help replace funds from the cancelled in person fundraisers of 2020, we are selling car magnets and an emergency card that lets people know you have a pet at home. New items may be added occasionally, so check back if you don't see anything you like. All proceeds go to to our Spay/Neuter program. Each item is $5 with free shipping. If you purchase any four items you will receive a free 2021 FOTS membership - new or renewal. Simply order online here or you may also order by downloading this form and sending a check to: Friends of the Shelter, PO Box 93, Union KY 41091.

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Emergency Card and break off Key Tag

FOTS Logo Magnet

Mini Paw Magnet 1.7" x 1.7"

All My Children Have Paws

My Kids Have 4 Paws

Rescue Adopt and Save Lives (Oval)

Please Spay and Neuter (Ribbon)

Prevent a Litter Fix Your Critter

Rescue Foster one paw closer to home

Rescue Adopt

Volunteers are the Heart of Rescue

You Can't Buy Love but You Can Rescue

FOTS PetFest 2021 T-shirt with Shipping

$15 per shirt includes shipping

Available in 4 sizes

FOTS PetFest 2021 T-shirt with Pickup

$10 per shirt with pick up in Burlington

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