Important Information Regarding Kroger Community Rewards and Amazon Smile

The Kroger Community Rewards program number for us has been changed to: AJ627. Please disregard our printed material. Amazon Smile is now active. Search for us using Friends of the Shelter Covington. Thanks for your patience.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Services

Friends of the Shelter has assisted hundreds of families in the Northern Kentucky area in accessing these important services for their companion animals. If you or anyone you know needs financial assistance to have your animal "fixed" we have a variety of low cost services available.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Joanie Bernard foundation, you may have your companion cat spayed/neutered at no or low cost. Please get more information at the NKADD website, or call OAR or UCAN directly with questions or to schedule. If you or someone you know is feeding outdoor cats, you can request assistance in trapping, neutering and vaccinating these cats. They will be ear-notched and returned to their outdoor home at no cost to you. Just call your local shelter, OAR or UCAN.

Dogs can be spayed/neutered for $25, if they use a UCAN transport running from each of the county shelters in Northern Kentucky. Friends of the Shelter covers the remaining cost of the surgery. Rabies vaccines (required by law) can be purchased for $10 if your dog does not currently have one.

Pit Bulls/mixes can be spayed/neutered at no cost by UCAN. Call them directly to schedule.

If you cannot use the transport for any reason, you may still be eligible for a $50 voucher toward services at most Northern Kentucky veterinary clinics. Print the application available here, complete it and mail to Friends of the Shelter, PO Box 93 Union, KY 41042. Someone will be in touch with you to help you access low cost spay/neuter. However, using the voucher at a private clinic will result in substantially higher out of pocket expenses.

You may call OAR directly at 513-871-0185 to find out about transports for cats or kittens only.

Please call UCAN at 513 721-7387 for information about low cost services for cats and dogs.

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