Spay-Neuter Assistance

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Friends of the Shelter subsidizes spay/neuter costs for those in Northern Kentucky communities who would otherwise be unable to afford this important service. We offer services to individuals in Boone, Campbell, Gallatin, Grant, Kenton and Pendleton counties. You DO NOT need a voucher for OAR or UCAN. All transports assume you are using our program. Just mention Friends of the Shelter if going in person.


You may have your companion cat fixed for $20 through OAR (Ohio Alley Cat Rescue). This included a Rabies shot. Contact OAR directly with questions or to schedule. You may use their transport from one of the 6 county shelters or take them to the OAR clinic yourself. Friends of the Shelter will be billed $35 for the procedure. Those in Owen County may use this service as well. They can take the cat to a scheduled transport area or to the clinic.

You may also use the UCAN (United Coalition for Animals) transport from the following county shelters: Boone, Grant, and Pendleton. You will pay $20 and FOTS will be billed for the remainder. Companion cats are also covered on a walk-in basis with UCAN.

If you or someone you know is feeding outdoor cats, you can have them fixed for free through OAR or UCAN. They will be ear-notched and returned to their outdoor home at no cost to you. Just call your local shelter, OAR or UCAN.

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Dogs can be spayed for $30 and neutered for $20, if they use a UCAN (United Coalition for Animals) transport from the following county shelters: Boone, Grant, and Pendleton. (Dogs over 100 lbs may have an extra fee.) Rabies vaccines (required by law) can be purchased for $10 from UCAN, if your dog does not currently have one.

We do not cover dogs on a walk-in basis.

If you are in Campbell, Gallatin, Kenton or Owen County you can arrange for transport from one of the supported transports (Boone, Grant or Pendleton).

Friends of the Shelter covers $60 of the surgery and will be billed directly from UCAN.

All transports book several months in advance, so please plan accordingly.

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If you cannot use the transport for any reason, you may still be eligible for a $60 voucher toward services at some Northern Kentucky veterinary clinics. Print the application available here, Spay Neuter Form, complete it and mail to: Friends of the Shelter, PO Box 93, Union, KY 41091-0093. Someone will be in touch with you to help you access low cost spay/neuter services. Using the voucher at a private clinic may result in higher out of pocket expenses.